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Today was productive, as it also wasn't.

Campus was extremely busy today, we're hosting NCAA volleyball regional championship along with a football game and a open house for prospies. There were so many people here today.

There was also a Quidditch tournament that my friend was participating in. Apparently in this version of Quidditch a person carries the Snitch and they can shoot silly string at the players? Okay.

I finished up my project for art class. We had to make a "personal map" of ourselves, I was kinda running low on time so I decided that I would draw a map of Pennsylvania from my perspective, I hope it's alright since it uses none of the techniques we've used in class lmao.

Japanese club hosted a dinner that was fantastic. You can't go wrong with yakisoba and sushi tbh. Also my roommate Michelle took part in the dance! It was really good.

A night without Sodexo food is a good night tbh.

I should probably mention the Paris attacks shouldn't I? My solidarity is a given, but I can't say I would pray. I guess I never understood praying, I don't see is as helping that much tbh. For me, I would rather continue the discussion on why this happened and how we can prevent it in the future.

And I'm not being critical of people praying to cope. I totally get that. This is just me personally, I guess it doesn't help me.

Anyway, the Democratic Debate in on now. Let's see how it goes (Sander's already avoiding the question lmao.)
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