Nov. 16th, 2015 10:05 pm
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Some guys around campus wrote some #____LivesMatter on some bedsheets and hung them outside one of the dorms.

There have been a lot of criticism thrown their way, some from conservatives and some from other people who believe in #___LivesMatter but disagree with the presentation of the protest.

I fall in line with the latter.

I think it's oversimplifying things, and by putting them all together you're neglecting the individual needs of each movement. The both have their own issues and by putting them together you're making it seem like those issues are all the same when they really aren't at all.

It's a very roundabout way of saying #AllLivesMatter without saying it directly basically.

And since we're indirectly saying #AllLivesMatter, what about disabled rights?

Oh yeah

Most social activists don't care about us anyway, lol?

And the guy who put this together apparently stole and burnt a confederate flag. Not sure how true that is but damn son. I agree that the confederate flag is a symbol of racism I'm not gonna steal a flag from a townie and burn it. It's obnoxious af, how is it solving the problem?

In lighter news, tenting has begun here. Tenting is a 30 year old tradition that my mom's roommate started because she wanted really good seats for the Madrigal dinner the school hosts.

It's gotten very complicated since the 80's, it's extremely competitive.

It's also very loud outside rn because my dorm is close to the tenting location.

There goes a week worth of sleep smh.

I also finished my paper, only one more to go! (I am so screwed.)
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Today was productive, as it also wasn't.

Campus was extremely busy today, we're hosting NCAA volleyball regional championship along with a football game and a open house for prospies. There were so many people here today.

There was also a Quidditch tournament that my friend was participating in. Apparently in this version of Quidditch a person carries the Snitch and they can shoot silly string at the players? Okay.

I finished up my project for art class. We had to make a "personal map" of ourselves, I was kinda running low on time so I decided that I would draw a map of Pennsylvania from my perspective, I hope it's alright since it uses none of the techniques we've used in class lmao.

Japanese club hosted a dinner that was fantastic. You can't go wrong with yakisoba and sushi tbh. Also my roommate Michelle took part in the dance! It was really good.

A night without Sodexo food is a good night tbh.

I should probably mention the Paris attacks shouldn't I? My solidarity is a given, but I can't say I would pray. I guess I never understood praying, I don't see is as helping that much tbh. For me, I would rather continue the discussion on why this happened and how we can prevent it in the future.

And I'm not being critical of people praying to cope. I totally get that. This is just me personally, I guess it doesn't help me.

Anyway, the Democratic Debate in on now. Let's see how it goes (Sander's already avoiding the question lmao.)


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